The Raven Boys

After Warcross and How to Hang a Witch, I needed I book I knew was going to be good, so I decided to start on The Raven Boys. Apparently this is a pretty popular book because while I was reading it, some people recognized it and told me it was good. So that already boosted my faith in this book, but it was when I started reading the book that I whole heartedly believed that this book was good.

In Henrietta, there is a certain school that houses the Aglionby boys, or raven boys. These boys are the definition of rich, they have expensive cars, their families own mansions, and money is only a object. Everyone in Henrietta knows about the raven boys, but very few actually like them. Blue, the daughter of a psychic, is with the majority. She’s never felt any pity for a raven boy until St. Mark’s Eve, when Blue sees the ghost of a Raven boy named Gansey. The problem is, Blue isn’t a psychic, which means there are only two reasons why she can see Gansey- 1. She kills him or 2. He is her true love. Blue is worried about Gansey and how he will die until she meets Gansey face to face. He is nothing like how he was on St. Mark’s Eve (or so she thinks). However, fate brings Blue and Gansey together along with the three other raven boys: Ronan, Adam, and Noah. Only time will tell what exactly their futures hold.

Let me start off with this: the raven boys are nearly the best part of this book. Seeing how the interact with one another is amusing. I loved seeing the unique and different personalities of the Raven boys shine.

Gansey: Gansey is the main leader of the group and he is also the most perfect out of the four. He always looks his best, he always acts properly, and he has a wide range of vocabulary. However, very early on we get to see a different side of Gansey. These different personalities of Gansey appear again and again and in some ways, they help define his character even more.

Adam: Adam might seem like the shy boy at first, but that part goes to Noah. Actually, Adam is just quiet, not shy. He observes a lot and doesn’t say much. He stands out more from the other Raven boys since he doesn’t have a lot of money. His character is the most unique of all the Raven boys. I’ve never seen a personality quite like Adams, and that impresses me.

Ronan: Ronan is your typical angsty bad boy, but even he has a different side to his personality. His backstory helps give insight to why he acts the way he does, so he isn’t just edgy without reason. Sadly, he is the least exposed character in this book, but since he is on the second cover, I’m guessing he will have more of his story shown in the next book.

Noah: Noah is my favorite Raven boy out of the group. He is shy and awkward, but again, somehow it is unique.


Noah is, in my opinion, the best ghost I’ve seen in a book. I knew from beginning that he was a ghost, but it wasn’t obvious, if anything, it was a lucky guess on my part. I love how he is sometimes a whole ghost, and other times is just a voice. It really makes him seem more ghastly, and- compared to the other ghosts I’ve read about- he is amazing.


Other than the raven boys, I also love the other characters. Blue can be annoying at times, but even she has sparks of a fun personality. I love all of the characters in this book simply because of how real they all seem. Maura, Calla, Persephone, and Neeve are truly unique characters that are distinctly unique, and the interactions between these different characters really enhance their personalities.

I cannot say anything bad about the plot. It progresses nicely, it doesn’t rush, and it bring a bit of each raven boys’ life into the plot without taking it over. There really is nothing bad to say about it. There are even bits in the book where Blue or the raven boys will see visions of possibly the future, but it doesn’t ruin the book and, if anything, they make me more excited to read more.

With a place like Henrietta, I would imagine making an amazing setting would be hard, but The raven boys does it easily. Each setting is a pleasure to read and imagine. They’re all places I would want to visit. Especially the setting toward the end. Each setting has this distinct feel to it as if they were all real places.

Finally, the shipping. The main and only pair in this book is the small relationship between Adam and Blue. Though, the shipping is my least favorite part of this book, mainly because certain things don’t make sense. For example- Blue is worried that Adam may be her true love so she is worried about kissing him and killing him like everyone has told her she will do. However, things in the book point toward Adam not being her true love. Certain visions point away from them being together, yet Blue still doesn’t want to kiss Adam.

Besides that, the only issue I had with this book is that some of the characters’ reactions seem off. They seem lazy or strange and out of place sometimes. It’s not all the time, thankfully, but when it does happen, it’s very noticeable.

This book really made me happy to read. Finishing is made me want so, so much more. Everything from the characters to the setting is exciting and fun. It makes me sad that I didn’t know about this series until a friend told me about it. If you haven’t heard of this series at all, please, read it. Despite some flaws, it really is enjoyable to read and I had a great time doing just that.

Just remember,

Arbores loqui appellant


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