More Than This

Wow. There is nothing else I can say except wow. When one of my friends told me about her favorite book, I knew that it was going to be an exceptional read (my friend picks really amazing books), but I never expected it to be this fantastic. This book thoroughly surprised me in a good way and it has easily become one of my favorite books.

The story starts off abruptly with a boy drowning in the water. He struggles to be freed from the waves, but they easily swallow him up and his head hits a rock. Suddenly, everything is dark and the boy wonders if this is the afterlife. He struggles toward a light until he ends up in front of his old house, in England ,which is a long ways away from America where he “died”. So the boy starts roaming the vacant world, trying to figure out where he is, and finding more evidence pointing toward a bigger mystery than he thinks.

This is the first book I’ve read where the main character is in the LGBT+ community and I am honored to have More Than This take that title. Seth Wearing is such an intriguing character. Unlike some… other characters *cough* Hideo from Warcross *cough*, Seth seems like he could be a real person. He has weaknesses and strengths and he struggles with life like everyone else. He is one of the most realistic characters I’ve read in a book.

Regine and Tomasz (characters he meets later) also have this very humanistic vibe about them. H, Monica, and Gudmund are also graphic. They all seem like regular people you could meet in real life. It is very impressive to me, since there’s so many characters in More Than This.

In most stories I have read, the setting is either whimsical or chaotic. More Than This takes both of those settings and shoves them into one. When Seth (the boy) wakes up, he sees that the world around him is in disarray. Everything is covered in dust and plants run wild, but other than that, it is silent, there is no one anywhere and Seth doesn’t even see animals until a few days later. It is like an untouched world, kind of like Wall-E except everything isn’t covered in garbage. It’s relaxing to have a new setting and it also brings some information to the plot besides just being where Seth ends up.

The maze of a plot continuously wraps around you, leading you this way and that, but never to an actual exit. The book always opens you to a few possibilities to what actually happens to Seth. Does he die? Does he wake up from years of being in a simulation? More Than This never lets you find out, and you are left to make your own decision.

While others on Goodreads talked about how the book confused them, I never became bewildered. My only guess is that I have become used to puzzling endings and questions such as: what really happened? When I started reading More Than This, I recently finished Danganronpa V3 and I was already perplexed by that ending so when I read the end of More Than This, I wasn’t very affected.

Overall, this book is definitely in my top ten favorite books of all time, maybe even my top five. The characters, plot, setting, and everything else is just so gorgeous that I can’t help but gush about the book. If you seem interested in anything I talked about then go to the nearest store or online website and read it! I can most likely guarantee you will enjoy it.

Just remember,

Go in swinging.

Mini Update:

Hey! I’m back! Again… When I posted the last update, I immediately got sick and didn’t do anything. Yes, there was a lot of procrastination, but I also wanted to get some extra reviews done so I would stop being late on things. Anyway, I also updated my twitter! I have a main update account and a regular account where I post random things. I’ve also updated some art on my twitter page. So yeah, I’m very glad to be back!


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