Ever since I bought this book, I’ve been excited to read it. I’d been waiting for the perfect time to read this, and that time, was around Halloween. Sadly, I do not remember where I received this book. All I know is that when I read “A Phantom of the Opera-inspired retelling,” I was hooked.

Rune is not excited for what lies ahead of her. She made it into RoseBlood, a school for opera singers made from the wreckage of the old opera house said to house the phantom himself. It might seem like getting into RoseBlood is Rune’s dream, but it is actually her nightmare. She has to leave her friends in Texas and move to Paris, and above that, it seems that she is cursed. Every time Rune hears an opera song, she feels the need to sing and drains herself of her energy when she does. Between Rune trying to keep her voice concealed and also searching for a supposed phantom that lurks around RoseBlood, Rune is going to have quite an interesting year.

I’m going to start off with, quite honestly, my favorite thing about RoseBlood, the style. The cover of the book is beautiful to say the least and the text is also interesting. The color of the text is a wine red, making it seem like someone took the blood of roses and used it as ink to write the story. The writing is also elegant and tasteful. Each sentence is compiled with the right amount of adjectives, verbs, nouns, etc. It is almost as if A. G. Howard was making a fancy French dish with each sentence. 

Now, I’m not a romance expert, but I enjoyed every couple in RoseBlood. My favorite couple is definitely Sunny and Quan, but I also enjoyed Jax and Audrey. Each couple was cute in their own way, but sometimes Rune and Thorn tended to get sexual way too fast. While Sunny and Quan were focused on cutesy things, Rune and Thorn were getting sexual quickly. It wasn’t anything terrible, there were just hints of it toward the end of the book.

The characters in this book are amazing. I love each and every character. The teachers are all unique and it felt like they belonged in Harry Potter or Little Witch Academia because each teacher was drastically different from the other. Even the students are all individuals. Quan, Sunny, Audrey, Jax, Rune, and Thorn all have different personalities and quirks. When Roxie and Kat came into the picture, I thought they would be the stereotypical mean girls, but they also had particular things about them. 

One thing that is so special to the original Phantom of the Opera is that the phantom did not use magic, but instead, used trap doors and other things in the opera house to help him covertly move without being spotted. This inspired retelling contains mythical creatures that may have magic or something like magic. What I’m trying to say is, the story didn’t need mythical creatures or magic. The book relied on magic a bit too much. It was even a big plot twist in the story. If RoseBlood focused more on what the original did, I think I would have enjoyed it more.

RoseBlood was a most satisfying read. Some things worked out perfectly or enhanced the charm other book. Other things brought the book down. If you are an avid fan of the Phantom of the Opera, I would not recommend this book because it might anger you since it doesn’t follow some of the original plot. If you are curious about this book or you just want to read something with delightful phrasing, then I would suggest you try it out.

Why this book related to Halloween:

Well, RoseBlood actually takes place around Halloween! As soon I as I read the first few pages of this book, I knew I needed to review this for my Halloween special.

Just remember,

Dies Irae


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