More Updates!

Hey! So I have even more updates to share so it’s time for another big update! I have some new updates dealing with posts and general updates about future book reviews. This is meant to be a quick post so with out further ado, let me begin.

Update #1: 

I’m going to be busy since I have school once again. Posts should still be coming out regularly, but if one post is late, you know why.

Update #2:

I am hopefully going to be updating the look of my blog soon. It may take a while so I’ll make a small update when I finally am finished with the it.

Update #3:

So these next two updates are about what books I will be reviewing. 

I’m not making a pun for this book because it deals with very serious topics. The next book I am going to review is The Memory of Light. 

If you don’t know what this book is about, I’ll leave a link to the goodreads page here.

My review for The Memory of Light should be coming out in late September.

Update #4: 

What did the student say when the teacher asked what kind of story Romeo and Juliet was?

They said it was a tragic rosemance story! (romance)
I’m so glad to be writing bad puns again! 

Anyway, the next book I am going to review is RoseBlood!

So this book was originally supposed to be a September review, but then I discovered it had a lot of connections to spooky things and Halloween in general. So, I decided to review it in October. This book will be my first official special holiday review. 

Well, that’s all for now!

Just Remember,

The puns are back… 😈


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