Big Update

Hello everyone! So, it has been a while since my last update. I have been so busy these past four weeks that I haven’t been able to get anything done. The reason i’m making this update is because I am changing a couple things about my blog. Well *cracks knuckles* lets get started.

Update #1:

So, for my last three posts, each one has been a month apart. I want to change that because I want to make more content for you to enjoy. So, I have made a schedule. I will post on the second and fourth week of every month. I will either post in the middle of the week or at the end of the week.

Update #2:

I know I just said that I’m inputting a schedule, but these next two weeks are also crazy. I am in the middle of a trip this week and will be on this trip until next week. I am going to try to get a post out, but it will most likely be a tag and not a review. 

Update #3:

This update comes with a story. Back in December, I wanted to do something special for my blog for a New Years resolution. I was originally going to review anime, but I don’t consider myself an expert and that would be a huge leap from just book reviews. So, I decided on holiday themed reviews. Basically, these reviews will come around a certain holiday and I will review a book that might be connected to the holiday. For example, for St. Patrick’s day, I’m going yo review a book about luck next year. I failed miserably at first because my review on Paper Valentine was supposed to come out on Valentine’s Day. So, I guess my first holiday review will be on the Fourth of July. Don’t worry, I know not everyone lives in America. 😉 The book will just connect like if it is about fireworks or if the cover is red, white, or blue. I will not review a book about American history.

Update #4:

You’re almost there! My review for Slasher Girls and Monster Boys will be coming out soon. Both Paper Valentine and Winger are out of the way so now I can just focus on Slasher Girls and Monster Boys. So expect that review coming out soon!

Update #5:

Last update! So, I haven’t been on my blog or on my twitter lately. The reason for this is that I have been having one crazy week after another. After I come back to my home after the trip, I will be going on my twitter and my blog like normal.

Just Remember,

The puns are returning next update 😁


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