I suppose I should start this review off with a little backstory of how I received Winger. My friends and I were in the library, and we saw these books in yellow packages. We couldn’t see the books themselves, but the cover of the package had the first sentence of the book on it. The librarian called it a “blind date book.” Since my friends and I are book nerds, we all got one. The ones they picked had edgy sentences about blood and bones on the package. I, being the weirdo of the group, got a package where the first sentence on it was about a guy getting his head stuck in a toilet. I checked it out, opened it, and inside the package was Winger.

First off, holy sh… wait, I can’t cuss? Well dang it. I don’t normally swear in my writing, but apparently Ryan Dean (the narrator of the story) is the opposite of me.

Ryan Dean is a fourteen year old that is a junior at a boarding school. He is highly intelligent, so it’s no wonder why he is a junior. Ryan Dean’s junior year isn’t turning out the way he wants it to though. He hacks a cell phone account so he can make calls without being caught, but he fails and is sent to O-Hall (the dorms where they keep the naughty students). It also doesn’t help that he gets the monstrous Chas as his roommate. Things continue to go down this rotten path until Ryan Dean learns that he needs to fix his mistakes and make things right again.

The characters in this book are mostly phenomenal. Chas is a brute that you don’t want to mess with, unless you have a death wish that is. Joey is the all-around favorite character for most people. He is kind-hearted and will fight for what he thinks is equitable. The other characters also have unique and fun personality traits. The only thing wrong with the characters is that some of them are flat characters.

I have to admit, Ryan Dean is quite annoying. His personality is being a pervert and being doltish. The thing is, I think many people over look that maybe Ryan Dean was intended to be that way. Throughout the book, Ryan Dean acts like an idiot… until the end. Toward the end of the book, he realizes how idiotic and slapdash he was and he decides to make things better by making up with everyone he hurt.

This book does talk about some weird things, but I can guarantee that they’ll put a smile on your face. Let me just say that Ryan Dean talks a lot about male genitalia. He also does some hilarious things when he is playing cards with Chas and the others. It is indeed inappropriate humor, but many of the jokes in the book had me laughing.

Now, for the thing in the book that made me rage. In the end of the book when there are a couple of pages left, let me just say something big is going to happen. That thing made me literally cry and I don’t cry a lot (except when I watch Angel Beats). Even though this part was rushed, I feel like it was intended to be that way because I could feel the tension rising even before that part occurred. Honestly, I have to give my respect to the author because he made me feel heaps of emotion just before the book ended.

So, to wrap things up this book made me laugh, cringe, and cry. I overall love the book because it drew me in at every chapter. At one point, I couldn’t put the book down because I wanted to see what happened. I really recommend that you read it unless you don’t like books that have swearing in them or ones that have inappropriate jokes about male genitalia.

Just remember,

Joey told me nothing ever goes back exactly the way it was, that things expand and contract-like breathing, but you could never fill you lungs up with the same air twice. He said some of the smartest things I ever heard, and he’s the only one of my friends who really tried to keep me on track too. And I’ll be honest. I know exactly how hard that was.


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