Update: February 21

What do you call a chicken wing that has just won something?

A chicken winger! (Winner)

What does a paper crocodile do?

It snapers! (snap and paper mixed together)

Ok, I get it, my puns are bad. I won’t stop though! Let the bad puns continue!!

Anyways, my review for Slasher Girls and Monster Boys should be coming out soon. It’s taking a long time because it has a bunch of short stories in it. My review for Winger should be coming out before or after Slasher Girls and Monster Boys. Paper Valentine, a review I wanted to do for Valentine’s Day, will hopefully be coming out soon as well.

I have already started my review for Winger and Slasher Girls and Monster Boys and I am still reading Paper Valentine.

Lastly, I am now trying to do holiday themed reviews! There should be an update talking more about it soon!

That’s  it!


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