The Rosemary Spell

When I first saw this book in Half Price Books, I was showing it to a friend. They didn’t seem to be interested in the book, so I bought it myself. I felt like it would be an interesting book to review and read, so I nabbed it. It seemed to pull me in right from the start and kept me there until the end.
This story starts with the main character Rosemary. She is a thirteen year old who is moving into a new room in her house, her father’s old study. Her friends, Adam and Shelby, come over to Rosemary’s house to help organize her room… well, Adam does anyway. Shelby is changing from their childhood friend to just another teenager, and Rosemary doesn’t like it. Together, Rosemary and Adam find a peculiar poetry book in her father’s study and can’t wait to show it to Shelby. They get too excited, however and when they finally get Shelby alone and say a certain poem to her, Shelby goes missing. Now it’s up to Rosemary and Adam to get Shelby back, or to forget about her forever.

The characters in this book aren’t original. Rosemary is a generic hero and Shelby is a cliché teenager. Shelby is always with her friends, on her phone, or with her boyfriend. Adam is the only main character with a unique personality. He REALLY likes to clean things. In the book, he was furious because Rosemary organized her books without him. That’s why Adam is my favorite character, he’s a perfectionist and it’s perfect for his personality.

The setting of the story is very vivid. Rosemary lives in a beautiful old house that seems to be out in the country. There is a huge river nearby and across that river is an island with the ruins of a house and fields of Rosemary scattered about. It’s a very calm and peaceful setting… until the end that is.

I love the aspect of memory in the book. When the characters forget, you remember, so it can mess with your mind. The only problem with this aspect is that the characters forget a lot, so toward the end of the book, you will be screaming at Adam and Rosemary to remember.

I love how the book is like bookception. It involves Shakespeare’s plays (Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet) and it has tons of book references. Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets, A Wrinkle in Time, Coraline, and many other books are referenced in The Rosemary Spell.

This book isn’t just filled with happy references though, at the end of the book, it became so intense that it had me at the edge of my seat. The book starts with a calm setting and at the end, it just explodes. It really surprised me because I didn’t expect it from a book like this.

In the end, I loved this book because it didn’t need romance and a big adventure to captivate me. I really recommend this book if you’re looking for something short to read.

Just remember,

For you there’s rosemary and rue; these keep

Seeming and savour all the winter long:

Grace and remembrance be to you both,

And welcome to our shearing!


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