Rogue Wave


I only have one emoji to describe my feeling about this book: 😐/🙂

We start of with Serafina in a road-trip like adventure. She is determined to get the talismans to defeat Abbadon, abolish Traho, and take her rightful place on her throne. Serafina isn’t alone though, Neela is also looking for Navi’s talisman. While on their journey you will meet new people like: The Black Fin Resistance, the Opafago, and the Askari. Will Serafina and Neela get the talismans, or will they fail?

If I had to give this book anything, it would be a slow clap. I honestly think that Rouge Wave was better than Deep Blue. The plot twists were fun, the characters were more unique, and the story was more thrilling.

Throughout the book, you see two characters: Serafina and Neela. You finally get to see Sera pick herself up and start acting with the dauntlessness that “supposedly” she had in the first book. Jennifer Donnelly split the characters up for a reason. Serafina and Neela aren’t together until the very end of this book, they are in a chapter break . That is what the characters needed though, Serafina is able to shine when she is by herself and show how chivalrous she is. We even get to see Neela change as well, though not as much as Serafina. New characters are introduced and even they are unique to a certain extent. When I read the Dark Tide, I hope it does the same thing.

This is obviously a road-trip like book. Serafina travels to Cerulia, Atlantis, and to the coast of Spain. Neela travels to Matali, the place where the Askari live, and Cerulia. It was very enjoyable. The book showed even more of the mer world that the original.

Compared to the first book, this book was a lot simpler, but a lot more enjoyable. Compared to most middle-series books, this one has a lot of the plot mixed in and just a little filler. Serafina and Neela finally get time to show what they are really like and the mysteries tied around the talismans get more interesting and intense.

Just remember,

Merrovingia regere hic!


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