Best Friend Tag With: icebreaker694

This is a tag icebreaker694 and I made to see if we truly know each other as much as we thought. This is a tag to do with a friend of yours to see how well you two know each other. Let’s get on with the questions!

What is their biggest pet peeve?

My guess: Slow walkers.

icebreaker’s answer: What I had was knuckle cracking. But yes, slow walkers are another pet peeve of mine. I’m always in a rush to class or just in general and I can’t afford being late all the time. But they don’t bother me too much, I’m pretty slow at times too.

What is their favorite book?

My guess: Well, I’m going to say Gravity Falls: Journal 3.

icebreaker’s answer: I don’t really have a specific book, I love too many at the same time. But Journal 3 is one of my favorite books on my shelf. It’s a work of art I tell you! (My favorite series is TID.)

What is their favorite fandom?

My guess: I think the main fandoms you like are Over the Garden Wall and Gravity Falls.

icebreaker’s answer: Sherlock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (But I do love OTGW and GF too.)

What is their least favorite food?

My guess: Squid. The suction cups on the tentacles are very dangerous!

icebreaker’s answer: I used to hate calamari, but now I kind of grown a liking to it. But there are times when I don’t always like it either.

Who is their celebrity crush?

My guess: oh, let me think… BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH. (Trust me, I have seen her fangirl over him).

icebreaker’s answer: Yup. No shame here.

What is their most embarrassing moment?

My guess: Screaming/fangirling in a theatre while everyone was trying to watch the movie.

icebreaker’s answer: I can kind of see that, but it’s not really an embarrassing moment for me. (And it was one time.)

What is their eye color (without looking)?

My guess: Brown.

icebreaker’s answer: Yup.

What is their favorite flavor of ice cream?

My guess: Chocolate.

icebreaker’s answer: Hot fudge. But it’s still chocolate.

What is their favorite band/singer?

My guess: Melanie Martinez and Selena Gomez. That’s my guess.

icebreaker’s answer: Selena Gomez AND Melanie Martinez! Yes! I also listen to Aurora and Zella Day sometimes too.

When is their birthday?

My guess: May 13th.

icebreaker’s answer: Guilty.

What is their biggest fear?

My guess: Sherlock getting cancelled during a season so it ends on a cliff hanger that will never be solved! 😨

icebreaker’s answer: WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT?! *Cries in a trench coat and deerstalker hat*

What is there inside joke?

My guess: PORK BUN MAN.

icebreaker’s answer: “If you’ve never had one…” (Yes it’s my inside joke too.)

That’s it! I hope you liked this tag and I will also have a link to icebreaker694’s tag as well.

I tag everyone who is reading this right now to do this tag (only if you want to of course). Grab a friend and see how well you truly know each other!

Just remember,



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