The Darkest Part of the Forest

To start, this review will contain some small spoilers, so view at your own risk! Secondly, this is going to be the first book that I overall, didn’t enjoy. It is strange because I loved The coldest Girl in Coldtown immensely and that book was written by the exact same author.

The story is about Hazel, a teenager who lives in the town of Fairfold, that lives a normal life. Well, as normal as Fairfold can get. On a regular day, many tourists are killed, so many in fact that they have made a motto. If you did something that killed or almost killed you, you were “acting like a tourist”. So, continuing on, one morning Hazel wakes up with mud on her feet, glass in her hands, and an odd name across her wall. Now Hazel needs to find out what she did on that night and try to save the town from a horrifying monster at the same time.

So let’s start with the main characters in the story. The first is the paramount of all the main characters, Hazel. She is a teen who will literally kiss anybody (she basically kissed the things who like murdering humans for fun [faeries], and liked it). The thing is, every single guy in her school lusts for her. Then we have Ben, Hazel’s brother. Ben was actually my favorite character in the book because he never annoyed me like Hazel did, he was just a little boring. Jack is… well he tries to be a bad boy, but caring and sweet at the same time and it doesn’t really work. The book also goes on and on about how dulcet he is. Then we have Severin. He has the absolute best personality out of all the characters. He is mysterious, but open when he has no other choice. He is kind, but he shows kindness in his own dark way.

Now I need to give this book credit, when the monster would show up, the scenes were a lot more lively. You could feel the horror and the suspense that the characters were going through. It was like a horror movie got stuffed into the book at those parts. The rest of the time though, it was just boring filler. The whole first part of the book is just filler. The second part of the book contains a bit of filler, but also has some activity in it. The third part of the book has a lot more action, but the conflict that could have been dragged out was pushed into this third part. You have this big bad character that no one can beat and suddenly, he dies, and the book just ends after that. It leaves you feeling empty inside.

The land of the faeries also seemed bland. Since this book is about faeries, I was hoping that the characters would spend more time this land then just a couple of chapters. I would have loved to hear more about this mysterious land in the forest than I would the bland town of Fairfold.

The thing I really like about this book is that it spends a lot of time on the character’s past. Honestly, I think that a book about just Ben and Hazel’s past would have been more captivating. I would love to hear every adventure Hazel and Ben had as they took on the woods and the creatures inside it. The memories are probably the only reason why I could tolerate this book. Other than those memories, you have annoying characters in a boring setting with a rushed plot.

Just remember,

Children can have a cruel, absolute sense of justice. Children can kill monsters and feel quite proud of themselves. A girl can look at her brother and believe they’re destined to be a knight and a bard who will battle evil, who might someday find and fight an evil monster at the heart of the forest.

PS, if you like The Darkest Part of the Forest and want to get another opinion on the book, then why not visit my friend Icebreaker694’s review? Here is the link: They talk about the wonderful things in the book and why they liked it. It’s always great to get another opinion so check out their review!


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