The Coldest Girl In Coldtown

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Now I have to admit, at first I had very high hopes for this book. My friend,icebreaker694, told me that it was an amazing book and that I should definitely read it. When I looked at some reviews though, many people rated it two stars, so I thought that the book might be worse than I initially had thought. I was wrong though.


The first thing I have to say is that this is a depressing book. From the characters to the setting, this book is dreary. That being said, I still love this book because it’s not just about cheap vampire romance, you can find a deeper story inside it. You can also see the glints of horror that shimmer throughout, giving the book a horrendous atmosphere as well as a depressing one.

Starting off with the book we find Tana waking up in, of all places, a bathtub. Tana was at a party last night and wound up passing out in the bathroom. After being mortified that she was in a bathtub all night, she decides to go and find her friends. She finds them, however they are all dead. She then finds her ex boyfriend, Aidan, tied to a bed and infected with the cold (an illness that, if you drink human blood, can turn you into a vampire) and a vampire chained up, Gavriel. Hiding amid the corpses are two vampires that are looking to kill Tana, Gavriel, and Aidan. Tana escapes with the two boys from the other vampires, but one vampire scrapes her leg before she gets out. Fearful of turning cold, she sets off with the boys and two new companions (Winter and Midnight) into the Coldtown.

Now, the biggest complaint most people have about this book is that Tana is stupid. I have to disagree on that. Tana isn’t stupid, she is very fearful. As a young girl Tana experienced a very traumatic event where her mother caught the cold and suffered its lasting effects. Tana had to witness the murder of her own mother after her mother tried to lure Tana into the basement. That traumatic event probably scarred Tana. All this time Tana has been on the verge of breaking and  when she saw her dead friends, she truly broke. Throughout the book, we see Tana wanting to give up, wanting to crawl up into a ball and wait for death to loom over her. When she overcomes this feeling, see Tana grow stronger and braver until, at the end of the book, she seems like a different person.

The best thing about this book is that it didn’t have a love triangle. People might say that there is a weak one but I don’t agree at all. At the beginning we learn who will just be a friend and who will be Tana’s lover and it stays like that. There is no extra drama. Holly Black kept it simple and that was perfect for this book. I have read too many books with horrid love triangles put in.

Lastly I have to warn you that there are some disgusting gory parts in this book. It’s no as bad as other books I’ve read, but if you don’t want to read about bloody French kissing, then maybe stay away.

Just remember,

“Death is a shadow that always follows the body.” -English proverb

Just another thank you to icebreaker694 for helping me with this book review. 🙂


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