Book Review: Little Black Dresses, Little White Lies

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Little Black Dresses, Little White Lies isn’t your typical adventure in to the wild romance book. It isn’t a book about surviving killing games or breaking out of a utopia, it is just your regular slice of life book… Well with a bit more drama, and by a bit, I mean a lot. In this book Laura Stampler milks all the drama she can think up into this one book, but that just makes the book a lot more fun to read. The basic premises in this book is that Harper (a just out of high school graduate) gets a very interesting phone call from a very interesting person. It’s McKayla,the head of Shift magazine, the most popular teen magazine. Turns out Harper won the prize of getting to be an intern at Shift over the Summer, but the catch is that she is the DATING intern, the one thing that Harper knows nothing about. So you get to go with Harper as she goes and works at shift over the summer, cringing at her fails and smiling at her wins, and hoping that she gets the prize at the end That is the truth though. The author made it so we can really feel what Harper feels. That is one of the highlights of the book. Laura Stampler made an odd love triangle, but she does it in a way where you know who is the jerk and who is the ducky guy by the foreshadowing that the author secretly tells you through the other characters. The beginning was beautiful and and wonderfully written, toward the end though, things got rushed and many clichés were thrown on to the characters (like the one where two best friends fight and almost part ways before making up and the main character screwing everything up and having to fix it by sacrificing something in return). The beginning and middle were excellent, but the end is where the trouble lies. I would say give it a read because despite the ending, it was a nice book. If you are worried about it being a boring slice of life book, well it’s not. It has enough action in it to keep you interested, but not too much to have you dying to see what is going to happen next. I would suggest that maybe when you have just read a thrilling lone adventure book and don’t know what to read, take a rest and read this. In conclusion, I really think it was a good read. The characters were very different from one another so I could easily tell who was who and I loved how the book made New York sound.
Carpe that Effing Diem! 🙂



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